16.11.2019 – 11PM

Bledar Room

? CHEB RUNNER & Dave Luxe ? Brussels/Belgium


Cheb Runner is like a Techno Caravan, riding through the desert with pumping bass. From Morocco to Iraq, he carries the fresh beats to quench your dancing thirst. Whether you need your fix of old 4 to the floor disco beat, or crave for some complex arabic polyrythms, Cheb Runner is your guide to the oasis. Combining grooves from North Africa & the Middle-east, moroccan wedding music, and the deepest Club Music, he wants you to dance.

The young Cheb Runner is already a veteran. He has been mixing Raï with Disco under the name Gan-Gah and other Alias or years. Everywhere he went he set the dancefloor on fire.
Cheb, the Arabic word for young, is traditionally used to describe the young generation of Raï singers – like Cheb Hasni, Cheb Khaled. It means boy, and it means the new generation is here, to create something new with something old. The reference to the Ridley Scott movie is just that: while the Cheb comes from the bled, the moroccan village, the beats come from the club scene of an industrial city, like Berlin, Detroit or Molenbeek/Brussels.

This musical genius, who was already performing in public at the age of 5, is focusing on authenticity in his work, using first hand sounds, recording his own sample banks with traditional instruments. Cheb Runner is willing to take you on a trip through space and time, as well as to pass on ancient rhythms for the coming generations to get inspired. Cheb Runner is a Legacy of the groove, like attending a Moroccan wedding inside a Techno Club.

Dave Luxe

Dave Luxe aka Young Luxenberg.
Self-proclaimed King of Emotional Club Music.

? Sound powered by Void Acoustics
? Every soul is welcome no matter what
? Stop making noise outside! People tryin' to dance at Bonnefooi