10.04.2020 – 11PM

Nasty Bartender

? Nasty Bartender

Nasty Bartender started out years ago collecting 50's vintage stuff and being a life-long music lover, it was quite obvious that he would one day spread rock'n' roll music over town

He'll shake you a cocktail of the best music from the roaring twenties until the swinging sixties; Rock 'n' roll, Rhythm and Blues, Swing, Surf, Boogie... And be aware, Nasty Bartender spins for the dancers!

Every Sunday between 7pm and 8pm (Brussels time) you can tune in on Bruzz 98.8FM or on the web at for the weekly episode of my radio show 'The Groove is On!

? Sound powered by Void Acoustics
? Every soul is welcome no matter what
? Stop making noise outside! People tryin' to dance at Bonnefooi