17.11.2019 – 8PM

Live concert

Open Stage


**Once a month, Bonnefooi opens its doors for all the poetic souls hidden in the streets of Brussels**

If your schoolbooks use to be full of verses and writings, if you come up with random lyrics under the shower, if words are something you easily play with then maybe you should try and take the mic sometimes.

No matter the language, your words could reach someone's soul and empowerment might become a shared experience. Whether you prefer to sing, to rap, to make people laugh, cry or learn ; or you just have something to speak about, come and take part in our "OPEN STAGE with safety options" one Sunday evening a month in Bonnefooi.

Everybody is welcome, we have no room for judgmental behaviors.
Feel free to come and be part of the audience.
You have a cousin, a brother or a sister, a friend who's got talent but won't dare going on stage? Bring'em once, it could initiate something...

In order to create a safe atmosphere for everyone, we'll be welcoming participants from 20.30 to have drinks and fingerfoods.
It will be your chance to meet the others participants, exchange tips and advices, ask questions, learn and maybe talk with us your choice of safety options if needed.
Over instrumental music or accappella, behind a curtain or in another room, blindfolded, ... let us know what could be the best conditions for you to catch the mic and do the jump.

If you'd like to participate or just to get further information, please send us an email here :

We'll always end the evening with a DJ set to dance and relax.

21:00 – 01:00
Rue des pierres 8, 1000 Bruxelles

? Sound powered by Void Acoustics
? Every soul is welcome no matter what
? Stop making noise outside! People tryin' to dance at Bonnefooi