16.10.2019 – 10PM

Live concert

OYHA (Digital Jazz)


OYHA is a French beatmaker. His first EP, «Hirsute EP», mixes a palette of electronic and acoustic sounds from abstract hip-hop to folk. In his second opus «A Nearby Universe», released on JFX Lab in 2014, he has redefined his acoustic identity and his singular technique of rhythm placements, forging a unique sound with acoustic instruments (acoustic guitar, harp, xylophone, tambourine, drums) and electric guitar. He has played and recorded in Lille, Spain and French Guyana. His intimate compositions are tinted with a nostalgia influenced by everyday life in the north of France as well as the richness encountered on his explorations.

On stage, OYHA becomes a collective project, bringing into play a drummer. The machine/drums duo use OYHA’s sound productions as the base material for a dynamic set, playing freely with sequences and samples.


? Sound powered by Void Acoustics
? Every soul is welcome no matter what
? Stop making noise outside! People tryin' to dance at Bonnefooi