16.03.2019 – 11PM


? Sheridancing ? GENT / BELGIUM

Playing all niters in Bonnefooi Brussels since a couple of years, Sheridan has a love affair with Bonnefooi. And Bonnefooi with him! Sheridan was also Bonnefooi's DJ on New Year's Eve 2015, 2016 and 2017. And now he's back for a new night of Sheridancing. If you haven't experienced a night at Bonnefooi when Sheridan was playing: make it happen this time.

Sheridan is a DJ, a collector and an entertainer.
Dances whilst playing.
From disco and pop edits to raw analogue house and proto-balearic techno. No, wait. All kinds of house. And horny oldies. Afro, Oriental, Southern & Northern.

Sheridan is on air every Sat night 1-2 on Studio Brussel and every first Friday of the month on Kiosk Radio

? Sound powered by Void Acoustics
? Stop making noise outside! People tryin' to dance at Bonnefooi