26.03.2020 – 11PM

Strictly Niceness - Bloom Hill: IG Culture

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? Bloom Hill x Strictly Niceness
Ig Culture -
Kwak -
PLLOW B2B Kreshik - 1st Time ever

Bloom Hill & Strictly Niceness team up for a night at Bonnefooi Brussels as part of Listen Festival's Thursday Showcases.

Stricly Niceness
In 2002, Brussels was a desert funkwise. Since the legendary Fool Moon venue closed its doors, the unstoppable thirst for soulful black music was growing and growing amongst the fans and dancers. Brussels being an all electro and r&b soup city, 3 dj's, funk fans and above all, friends, decided to set up a funk night over the city . Not that we were alone though. Other guys played deepfunk, soul and hammond grooves, reggae and rocksteady, disco or afrobeat... everyone doing it in its own zone, its own corner. But the 3 made the crossover between the varieties of black music with the will to make those butts and hips shake until the break of dawn. We love to share our passion for black music.

Bloom Hill
Bloom Hill Agency is a Brussels-based collective which supports local & emergent DJ's, bedroom producers & bands through booking, management & event production. Amid the roster, you’re going to travel throughout moroccan bass, boogie-funk, cosmic jazz, tropical bass, garage tunes, lo-fi beats, experimental folk, paradise house music or even tremendous disco.

Ig Culture
With coming up to three decades of relentless output and music dedication under his belt, IG Culture (and his many guises: Son Of Scientist, TS Repman, Quango and projects NameBrandSound, Likwid Biscuit, New Sector Movements) is best known as one of the most notable producers responsible for the wealth of material that has emanated from West London under the tag ‘Broken Beat’ and spawned the legendary CoOp night at Velvet Rooms then Plastic People. IG Culture's productions are all about rhythm and hybridizations of several music styles (funk, soul, footwork, electro, jazz-fusion, hip-hop, drum’n'bass).

IG Culture emerged out of West London, deeply rooted in sound system culture and has been a leading figure in the UK's underground since 1990. As Dodge City Productions he was first signed with Island Records and was catapulted into the spotlight.

Recently he has launched "CoOp Presents" record label and founded "Selectors Assemble", a growing loose collective of DJs producers, artists, movers and shakers that assist projects connected with CoOp Presents and beyond. He has hosted CoOp Presents events for Sunfall Festival by Night, Boiler Room and Dimensions Festival.

Deejay Kwak
Kwak began his career deejaying for students in the late eighties whilst rehearsing as lead singer for garage punk bands. In 1994, he began organizing parties and concerts and soon became the resident Dj and programmer at the Kafe Kan’h (1999-2004). In 2002, together with Dj Eleven, he launched Strictly Niceness, a monthly party which has since became one the most popular groove events in Brussels.

Behind the turntables, Kwak offers a breadth of styles that reflect the richness of groove across cultures and history. The listener travels between continents where the music is warm and swings. From hip-hop to reggae, soul to disco, funk, salsa and afrobeat, house, dubstep or even UK garage music. The musical odyssey will bring you where the classics meet the uncharted, where new productions meet old, assuredly provoking itchy dancing feet and happy smiles all round.

Fierce, fiery and full of flavour, PLLOW is a Cameroonian/Belgian DJ and Co-founder of the Brussels-based management agency Bloom Hill. PLLOW was born to deliver mind-blowing experiences on the dance floors within her sets. She instantly pricks the ears of her audiences with her eclectic selections and is always looking for unique sonorities. She effortlessly shows off her versatility as she embraces a variety of melodies and rhythms with her no-nonsense attitude. Her musical influences range from Afro Rhythms, Percussions, Broken Rhythmics and Electric Bassy Sounds.

PLLOW highly values spirituality and the effortless pursuit of good powers. Therefore she founded Jabanè Sessions, which pays homage to her heritage and aims to offer a safe space that gathers people and bring positives energies in order to create a unique experience.

DJ and Co-Founder of Bloom Hill Agency, Kreshik is a hypnotic selector that delights into hip-hop, funk, afrobeat and house music. Starting from humble beginnings, the turntablist is infamous for throwing down his Huveshta Rituals. Kreshik is named after a mole cartoon, a symbolism that he loves to get down and dirty digging for worthy underground records. Nothing satisfies the subject of being able to bring vinyls out of dusty old basements onto electrifying dance floors.

Praise and accolades of his plays, but also internationally, performing in cities of Montreal, Tehran, Warsaw, Hanoi and Hong Kong. Whether you want to be hypnotized on the dance floor or simply ready to lose yourself to the kreshik 's infectious grooves, his plays are guaranteed to fulfil all your needs.